We have a variety of mulches and soils available for your garden, including organic potting soils, manure, compost, peat, and sand.

Mulch & Soil

All of our landscaping materials are bagged. We do not carry bulk product. Our mulches are hardwood and use only vegetable dyes when colored. We carry a variety of potting soils, compost/manure, topsoil/gardening soil, peat, and sand. Brands include locally source Good Earth, Organic Mechanics, Garden Magic, Black Gold, and Pioneer Southern. Please call us at (716) 362-8982 for current availability.

Calculate the amount of mulch or soil needed for your next project

  1. Determine the length and width of the area you will need to cover.
  2. Determine the thickness (depth) of the mulch or soil layer you will need.
  3. Enter in the mulch or soil bag size based on the product you are purchasing. (Bag sizes vary according to the type but the industry standard is two cubic feet for mulch .75 cubic feet for soil.)
  4. Our calculator will generate the total number of bags you will need to purchase.
  5. Finally, enter the per bag cost to calculate how much your project will cost!
Mulch & Soil Calculator

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