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Because we believe in buying locally we have established wonderful working relationships with our local growers. Growing specifically for us and just a short trip in transit ensures that our plants are strong and healthy, not stressed and already acclimated to our area. When we cannot source locally we receive our plant product from the closest growers possible to ensure quality.

Our selection of plant products cover annuals, perennials, natives, heirlooms, vegetables, herbs, ornamental trees and shrubs, evergreens along with fruiting trees and shrubs. We bring in plants zoned for our area and only bring them in when it is safe to plant in the spring.

We look forward to helping you select the right plant for the right spot in your garden. Our goal is to set you up for success!

Trees & Shrubs
Herbs & Vegetables
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We carry a selection of potting soils, compost/manure, peat moss, sand, coir, biochar, top soils and hardwood mulches from Good Earth, Garden Magic, Organic Mechanics, and Becks. In an effort to be better stewards of the earth we provide organic disease and pest management products. These items are safe for the earth, humans, and pets. We also have seasonally, beneficial insects for your gardening needs.

The right tool for the right job! Our selection of tools are sure to make light of your work in the yard. Many made in the USA, we strive to offer only quality tools that will perform well and will last.

Mulch & Soil
Pest Management
Gardening Supplies

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