An extensive collection of heirloom plants and locally-grown heritage vegetables to add to your garden.


Every year we have heirloom plants and specialty organic vegetables grown locally for our store. A selection of European, Asian, African and South American varieties vary year to year with a few returning favorites. List shown is NOT comprehensive, please call us at (716) 362-8982 for current availability.

  • Tomatoes
    • Lemon Drop
    • Amy’s Apricot
    • Blondkofchen
    • Black Cherry
    • Brown Berry
    • Black Plum
    • Sungold
    • Sudduth Strain
    • Paul Robeson
    • Chocolate Stripes
    • Black Seaman
  • Cucumbers
    • Armenian Burpless
    • Mouse Melon
    • Poona Kheera
    • Suyo Long
    • Parisian Pickling
  • Peppers
    • Ancho/Poblano
    • Fish
    • Jimmy Nardello
    • Thai Hot
    • Shishito
    • Black Hungarian
    • Marconi Red
  • Eggplant
    • Listada di Gandia
    • Pingtung Long
    • Thai Green
    • Sweet Red
  • Misc
    *Malabar Spinach

    *Tomatillo Purple

    *Ground Cherry

    *Dwarf Tomatoes Caitydid / Rosella Purple / Yukon Quest

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